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Select a carpet that will stand up to the concrete.

Make sure the entire carpet is constructed of synthetic products only. Some carpet is backed with jute, which is too absorbent to use on concrete. If you’re not going to install your carpet on a subfloor, you’ll need to make sure that you’re picking a kind of fiber that will stand up to concrete’s tendency to collect moisture.

Consider carpet made from olefin face fiber. A chemical-resistant fiber that will stand up to aggressive cleaning solutions like bleach, this might not be the softest or most attractive carpet, but it will last.

Decide on a style of carpet.

You can choose between patterned or solid carpet, as well as a light or dark color. You can also choose tight or loose fiber loops and pick between a solid or mesh subsurface.

Typically, the carpet rule of thumb is that light carpet can seem to create more space in a smaller room, while a darker shade of carpet can add coziness to a bigger space.


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