Floor Refinishing

Floor refinishing services are available for a variety of wood flooring types. Our professional floor refinishers will bring vibrancy back into your floor again. Revitalize your old wood floor with our expert floor sanding, polishing, and coating applications. 

Do You Have Damage to Your Floor? 

Barry’s floor service can help you fix or repair damaged hardwood floors and repair them to like new condition. We can replace boards and color match the floor with stain.

We offer different processes for different conditions. Our carefully trained flooring pros pay attention to every detail.

In many cases we can complete jobs in the same day allowing full use of the floor shortly after.

We are EPA certified, Licensed, and Insured.

For larger jobs we offer our complete refinishing services which include sanding your wood floor, staining, and weaving of boards.

Give Barry’s My Flooring experts a call today at (516) 285- 0502 for a free quote on installation or refinishing.

We would love to hear more about your flooring project.

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